Concrete Mini Models - Dorman Long Tower

Concrete Mini Models - Dorman Long Tower

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Dorman Long Tower is an iconic landmark, located at South Bank, Teesside- an important site in the areas industrial heritage- with a global reach.  It was built between 1953-56 and originally used to store coal in the coke process.  Thousands of men and women have worked at this site over the years before production ceased in 2015.
Edition of 200
Comes Gift Boxed
Material:  Cast Concrete
Size: 7 cm high, 5.5 cm wide, 2.5 cm deep (approx)

Please note: 

These cast sculptures are individually hand cast in concrete. This means that each piece will have distinctive markings and minor blemishes due to air bubbles in the concrete. This is a natural part of the material and will mean that no two pieces are ever exactly the same.


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