Brillo Tote Bag - Warhol
Brillo Tote Bag - Warhol

Brillo Tote Bag - Warhol

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We LOVE this Andy Warhol Foundation Brillo Tote Bag.  It features Warhol's iconic Brillo Soap Pad Box, an exhibit installed in New York in 1964 to focus attention on the significance of mundane, commercial commodities representing contemporary society. This bag also includes 3 different limited-edition pins: Banana, Andy Self Portrait, & Blue with quote, "The World Fascinates Me."

There is also a secondary hang tag which is a facsimile of an Andy Warhol art store receipt The tote is constructed using heavy gauge cotton canvas and sturdy red straps (with the perfect length to carry over the shoulder).
- Bag is 15 x 17 inches
- Straps are 1.12 in. wide, 21.5 in. long
- 100% cotton
- Spot clean only and air dry


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